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A cashback bonus is a way of how players can recover a small percentage of their losses as a sign of goodwill from the casino. The percentage usually ranges from 10-20% and varies from one casino to another. Such bonuses are offered either in addition to other bonuses such as welcome bonuses or as a standalone bonus during a particular promotion. Many casinos offer cashback bonuses in their live casino and sportsbook sections. An additional attractive feature of cashback bonuses is that they usually come with no wagering requirements meaning the player is given back the bonus percentage after they place a bet and lose.

It’s not only casinos that offer cashback bonuses. Think loyalty cards, air miles, reward schemes, you name it – many of them have a similar offer. The simplicity of a casino’s cashback bonus is what makes it so attractive. The person spends an amount and will find a percentage of their money returned. Within online casinos, this is especially sought after, since it provides a sure-fire and steady regular bonus to help top up your bankroll. By allowing players to add a little more to their balance without needing to deposit at all, they don’t have any extra risk to their own money.

Casino cashback bonuses are where the casino that you are playing with offers you a percentage of your losses back in real cash. This real cash bonus can either be calculated on the net losses that take place during a predefined period of time or on the losses made on specific deposits. Usually, the cashback bonuses are calculated over a weekly period.