Casino Jobs Lost During The Pandemic in UK

Nearly seven million jobs at risk if lockdown lasts for months or 1.3 million jobs in Casinos.

Casino jobs lost during the pandemic in UK – Nearly seven million jobs at risk if lockdown lasts for months. Thousands of jobs have been lost as businesses in all sectors struggle but retail and aviation are being hit particularly hard

More than half of the jobs in some sectors of the UK economy are at risk if the lockdown continues for an extended period, a new study suggests.

Estimates produced by the Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER) at the University of Essex suggest the lockdown threatens to temporarily take at least 6.5 million jobs out of the economy – around a fifth of the national total.

The institute’s modeling factors in the ability of employees to work from home, which means some sectors are less affected than others. It also estimates how the reduction in demand for goods and services is having an impact on jobs.

The researchers estimate that almost 2 million jobs in the wholesale and retail industry (48% of the total) and 1.3 million jobs in Casinos, hotels, pubs, restaurants and cafes (75% of the total) have disappeared, with a further 1 million being lost in the service sector.

GVC Forecasts Profit Hit

ladbrokes Casino Jobs Lost During The Pandemic in UK
Ladbrokes GVC Holdings

On Monday, GVC said it expected the lockdown to lead to a £27 million ($34.7 million) hit to profits in England. Through its subsidiary Ladbrokes Coral, the company is the biggest land-based betting operator in England and the UK.

Factoring in current restrictions across Europe, GVC said total losses for the month could hit £37 million ($48 million). France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and the Czech Republic are among the other countries in Europe to have imposed nationwide lockdowns in the past few weeks.

And should the other constituent countries of the UK, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland join the lockdown, the deficit could be as high as £43 million ($54 million), the operator said.

Genting Casino – Casino Jobs Lost During The Pandemic in UK

Casino Jobs Lost During The Pandemic in UK
Gentng Casino in Margate

Casino jobs lost during the pandemic in the gambling firm Genting Casino are on the run. They are considering closing three of its outlets with job losses across its remaining 29 sites across the UK, union bosses say.

The company has written to workers outlining its plans as it battles losses caused by having to shut its sites during the coronavirus lockdown.

It is understood three casinos – in Torquay, Bristol and in Margate – are potential to close permanently, and an undisclosed number of jobs will be lost across all the business’ 32 venues.

Grosvenor Casinos – Casino Jobs Lost During The Pandemic in UK

Casino Jobs Lost During The Pandemic in UK
Grosvenor Casino

Rank which operates Grosvenor Casinos, the biggest operator in the UK employing over 4500 colleagues, is calling on the Government to support the sector, protecting jobs and tax receipts, by introducing more effective ways than blanket curfews to suppress the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Rank warns that if the local curfews that have recently been announced in parts of the North East and North West are extended across the country, casinos are highly likely to shut for good with the loss of thousands of jobs.

It is a situation which, according to Rank Group Chief Executive, John O’Reilly, can and ought to be avoided, thereby increasing the likelihood of the land-based casino sector surviving the current crisis.

“The prospect of nationwide curfews would be the final straw for the casino sector which is already feeling enormous strain having been closed for over five months and is seeing revenues down 40% since reopening in August. We have spent over £2 million to ensure Grosvenor Casinos are Covid-safe for customers who wish to enjoy playing in a safe environment and anyone who has visited our casinos has been struck by just how safe our venues are. Over 50% of our revenues are generated after 10:00 pm, which probably makes casinos the most severely impacted industry in the whole country by curfews.

John O’Reilly:

“Whilst casinos are not late-night drinking venues, if the Government wants a ban on the consumption of alcohol from 10:00pm, that would at least enable the sector to survive, protect jobs and to continue to pay gaming taxes. To require casinos to shut at 10:00pm would be catastrophic.

“We have fought extremely hard in recent months to protect as many jobs as we possibly can and to play our part in the national effort. I am proud of how our colleagues have responded but it’s inconceivable that we would be able to withstand wider curfews without a significant impact on our business.”


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